How To:

Noise Survey

Great how to document from Workplace BC

Engineering Noise Controls

A detailed document for some light reading ;)

Hearing Conservation Programs

Provincial Guidelines (Manitoba)

Calculating Hearing Protection

How to use the posted N.R.R. on hearing protection and determine the de-rated value.

Educational Resources

For Fun and Intrigue:

Noise Meter Smart Phone App.

This app is one actually tested and published by the Acoustical Society.  (See Article Here)

How accurate are smart phone sound apps?

Take a hearing test online:

Here is an example of one hearing aide Manufactures screening testing. Should only be used as a reference.

Educational Tools:

How Loud Is it?

Printable reference poster.

How to use hearing protection

Employee education from Colorado Speech and Hearing Association.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Simulator

A great sound file demo from the UK.

Here are some simple YouTube videos we personally like:

Fitting Foam Earplugs 

Personal Effects of Noise Related Hearing Loss

Mechanics of Noise Relate Loss

How Your Hearing System Works