Industrial Hearing Testing

We offer a full range of on-site hearing testing services and no place is too far or remote for our crew.  This has been demonstrated through our wide range of clients; from food and equipment manufacturing, aerospace, mining, agricultural, government, schools and everything in-between. Also we offer on-site testing programs for even the smallest of our clients. That means we’ll come to you with our portable equipment, even if your company is just two people!

We’re quick to answer your call and scheduling with us is easy. We pride ourselves on always being there for our clients with 24/7 on-site services. Why do we do this? Regular screening for those that work in noise is the best way to find even the smallest loss. We often find early warning signs before the loss becomes an impairment for your employee and a liability to your company.

All this would not be complete without our referral program. Marcia, our main reviewing Audiologist is there to complete the follow up portion for your program for any abnormal hearing or changes. Our complete annual report, includes recommendations and stats on hearing protection use, departments, and hearing types.

If you have questions on starting up a hearing conservation program, or are considering an alternative to your current hearing testing provider please give us a call or email:

204-230-0890 or

 Noise Surveys

We offer CSA standard noise surveys and engineering noise controls consulting. We can determine the risk of hearing loss to your employees through dosimeter testing, (time weighted averages), and spot sampling (short measurements of a particular task).

Our service is very flexible, we can: 

a) do whole project for you

b) help with documenting your own results and creating the CSA report 

c) Teach you how do it all.

Due to the all the variables for this type of consulting it’s best to simply contact us. We will answer any questions and provide a no obligation quote upon request.

 Custom Ear Plugs  (Under Construction!)

Hearing Innovators offers custom ear molds of every shape and size, from cost effective custom molded hearing protection, Hunter plugs, digital hearing protection, Musician plugs and professional rock star in-ear monitors! However currently we are building an separate site dedicated to our line up of custom ear mold products. 

How do we do this? Well unlike many of our competitors we work with more than one brand of custom ear molds, along with our own ear lab, to offer the perfect custom solution for your industrial or personal needs! This also means we have some of the most cost effective solutions, especially for larger industrial applications.

Hear here! To make a good custom ear piece you need an excellent impression no matter what product is chosen. This is where we stand out. Our staff have been making ear impressions for decades, some of whom have literally made tens of thousands of ear molds. We definitely make a comfortable ear plug.

The other side of this service is after care. Hearing Innovators offers warranty, re-makes, and adjustments so you are never left with a custom plug you cannot use.

Consulting & Training

Consulting in all areas of hearing conservation is available. This can include but is not limited to, public speaking, training, engineering noise controls, medical testing environments, environmental noise complaints, and consulting on regulatory compliance, and hearing loss claims against your company.

We strive to answer all your questions, but if we cannot we will connect you to someone that can.


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